New Year's Eve

Saturday, January 1, 2011

This year in New Year's Eve we were able to celebrate with some great family and friends! We were so lucky to have Jack's sister Jamie come in to town with Carlos and our niece Sophia a few days after Christmas and spend a lot of time with us!

Well Jamie had this idea to make matching shirts for Holden and Sophia and of course I loved that idea! And since Emmett was coming over too we of course made him one too!

These are pics of trying to get a picture of all three of them in their adorable shirts..... Yeah Holden was not interested at all in sitting still.

The only time all night all three of them sat still! LOL! They were watching a movie.

And then Holden high tailed it of the couch. {And yes I am holding on to his foot so he doesn't dive off too fast!}

Here are picture of their adorable shirts that Jamie and I made together while the babies were sleeping! We had so much fun and it was good "bonding time" I think I may have to hire her to do all my grunt work! : )


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