Because I am obsessed...

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

So because I am just a little obsessed with this little guy....
.... And take a ton of pictures of him...
...Here are a few from the other day....
... That you can enjoy too...
.... He loves this toes right now....
... Can you tell?....
..... So which one is your favorite?...
.... I love them all so much....
..... I'm not sure...
... If I could pick...
....Just one.

Busy, Busy, Busy

Saturday, June 26, 2010

We have been very busy today! I am having SOO much fun sewing all of these fun things I just keep finding new things I can make! Today I wanted to try my hand at making ruffle butts as I call them. They are super cute, on girls not for Holden, and I have a few friends with baby girls so I figured this would be so much fun to try! This one is for my friend Katie's little girl Paytin! {She is the one who used to live next door to me and Paytin is Holden's girlfriend... well one of his many.. and is four days younger than him} I am also in the process of making one fr my friend Carrie's little girl Abagail! This one was finished first and I love how it turned out!
Here is the front:

And ruffle butt!

I love how this turned out and can't wait to finish the other one tomorrow!

Yesterday, I had two more onsies left in the three pack from Holden's pack and here is what I made with the other two:

And back to why we were so busy today. We started off the morning by stopping by my cousin Kimmie's garage sale for some scrapbook paper. I needed some for another big project that is sooo cool that I have coming up but more on that later. After we left her house the neighborhood across the street had a sign out for a big yard sale. I am not a big yard sell kinda girl but I figured we would stop by. Holy moses batman! They had so much stuff {and good stuff at that}! They had a TON of baby stuff so I thought they might have a high chair we could by for one of our Mom's homes. They literally had everything you could ever need for a baby except for a high chair. But look what we did find!
Holden LOVES to jump and I borrowed my friend AKA boss lady Andie's monkey jumper from her {since Campbell is way to big for it and it's just collecting dust when Holden isn't there} and took it to my Mom's since I knew I would be there a lot this summer with her surgery and them moving and everything. And he just went crazy over it! He would jump for and hour if we left him! So we were going to get him a Johnny Jump Up for him at our house. But only one problem... we live in a townhome and down have many door frames where we could hang it. But today we did find this horse jumper and he lOVES it! It was BRAND NEW, had only been used once and way cheaper than a new Johnny Jump Up! I was very excited to find this and Holden was too!
We also got a on of barely used clothes for him! And not that I care but they are all like Oshkosh and Carter's which I love! And some awesome Georgia get up as well!

So we have been pretty busy around here today! We even had time to go over to our friend's Faron and Alicia's house this afternoon to celebrate their son's birthday! It was such a fun day but now I am off to bed!

This would make Grandma proud

Friday, June 25, 2010

Yesterday I spent to whole day.. almost... doing something that I know makes my Mom and Grandma so proud. Sewing. My Grandma and Grandpa are DRIVING to Alaska {actually they are there already I think} and I spent the day with my Mom. They both can sew anything. My Grandma makes the most amazing quilts by hand and anything you give my Mom she can do. Remember when she made Holden's bedding? They are both so great and I have sewed a few things in the past but nothing this big or with so many steps! So can you guess what I made with these.....

and these....
and these...??

And with this of course!
First of all paci clips. Because I don't think you can ever have too many of those! And they were SOOO easy!

Then a shirt for Holden. I had bought him shorts to wear on the fourth but wanted a cute shirt to go with them so I just made one! This was so fun!

Here is his modeling his outfit lol!
Then came the hardest one of all. {All three were super easy this one just took longer} A high char/ grocery cart cover! I have been wanting one of these for Holden but did not want to pay the $40- $50 for one so I just made one! I love the fabric pattern that I choose!

I am almost all the way done with it I just need to trim out the legs later when Holden goes down for a nap!

So there you have it! I have lots more fabric left and a few more things I want to do today! I can't wait and am so excited!

Hot Dog

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

So the other day Jack and I were eating some leftover hamburgers and brats from our Father's Day lunch with his Dad and my step-Dad and Holden was just staring us down like he always does when we were eating. So I decided to give him a hot dog bun! He lOVED it! I wasn't sure if he was going to know what to do with it but straight to his mouth it went! HA! Here are a few... ok many pictures that I got along the way!

He always does this with his foot in his high chair! Such a cool dude!

Eating and watching TV just like Daddy tries to do!

Hey what's that Daddy has??

I think Mommy said I could have those...

...Umm no Holden you can not have Cheetos!....yet
I guess I'll just stick to my hot dog bun then

6 Month check up

Monday, June 21, 2010

Friday afternoon I took Holden to his 6 month check up! We had had a great morning and we had gone to lunch with my Mom and my friend Carrie and her daughter Abagail, who is 7 weeks older than Holden. After lunch we header over to Holden's doctor's appointment. I think every time he goes he is always hungry and tired when we get there and we are always running late. This appt not only did we make it on time but early! So we were in and out pretty fast!
Holden is doing wonderful! Here are his stats for 6 months:
Weight: 17 lbs 9 oz {65 percentile- much better than the 32% at 4 months}
Height: 27 and a half inches {82 percentile}
He is doing just wonderful! This picture was hen we were waiting on the doctor to come in... it was also before the dreaded shots.

He slept on the way home and for two hours after we got home but this is how I found him when I was getting him out of the car. Maybe he is afraid his foot might just fall off! HA!
This was from the 16th when we had to run to the store for my Mom! Silly boy! He was trying to eat them instead of wear them!
This picture was from earlier today. Such a sweet boy!

Happy 6 Month Birthday Holden!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I can't believe it..... my sweet, precious, perfect baby boy is SIX months old! Where is time going?! It doesn't feel like I just had him but it also feels like we have had him here forever. I can't even remember what life was like with out him. He is changing SOO much every day and is such a happy baby. You wouldn't believe it by his pictures lately, but he laughs and smiles all the time! And then you get the camera out and that is all over! Holden, here is a little of what you are up to at 6 months:

You are wearing size 3-6 month clothes...sometimes...sometimes 6-9 really depends on the outfit.... 0-3 month shorts STILL but some 3-6 month ones are now starting to fit you! You're also still wearing 6-9 month sleepers and size 2 diapers.

You are now rolling from your belly to your back and up to today you would only do this in your bed! Today for the first time you did it when I was playing with you on the floor! Way to go big boy! You are also scooting all over the place.... but only in your bed.
You can sit up for approximately 0.7 seconds then ya fall over. We're still working on that! Ha!

You eat food like a champ! You LOVE to eat.... except for when it comes to your bottle{unless it is 4am of course. Then you will drink a bottle like we have never fed you before}
You eat food three times a day and I try and give you a bottle of anywhere between 4-6 oz as much as I can but I also give it to you in your rice or oatmeal so I am not too worried about it. You are getting bigger every day and I know you are doing wonderfully!
I think this might be one of my favorite pictures of you : )
You still LOVE your paci and blanket and we don't go anywhere without both!

I think you might be a blue eyed boy! Those blue eyes are hanging around and you are starting to get some more hair!
Drool bug. Ned I say more? You drool all the time and love to chew on anything you can get your hands on!

You also LOVE your toes and are always holding on to them! You have a little blister on your toe in this picture because this week at Nana and Papa's house you jumped in Campbell's monkey jumper like crazy! You love that thing and we are going to have to get you a Johnny Jumper for our house!

Holy Moses do you love baths and water! All the sudden your favorite thing to do is splash like crazy and kick in the bath! The power was out at Nana and Papa's last night and we put you in the sink and just let you splash and you loved it!

You love to "flirt" with girls or anyone who will pay attention to you! You have started making this fake cough kind of sound like you are talking to someone and it is so funny!

You love Hoochie{our cat} and Nana and Papa's dogs! He actually grabbed Hoochie's head today and tried to eat her ear! She is the best laid back, scared of people cat and just laid there and let him do it! We had a long talk after about how we don't eat cats.

Holden you are the biggest blessing that we could ever have asked for. You get more and more fun every day and you have the best personality! I love you so much Holden!