Holden's finished room and new toy

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

For the past few weeks or so, Babies R Us was having this event called The Great Trade in Event. When this is going on you can take in any old item like car seat, stroller, pack and play or highchair anything baby gear wise and trade it in to get 25% off of something new. I had heard of it before and a few weeks ago when we spent the night at Mom and Billy's we went to use a pack and play that someone had given Mom and one of the sides was broken. So last weekend I took the broken pack and play to BRU and got Holden this exersaucer. He still isn't quite sure what to think of it and is still way to small for it but he loves looking at blinking lights or any lights for that matter. This one has a ton so I knew it would be perfect for him. Here are a few pictures of him trying it out!

This past weekend we also finished his room! We finally hung things on the wall and put his books up on the shelf.

His changing table

A BEAUTIFUL rocking chair that my Dad and Trena had made for us and gave it to us for Christmas

His bookshelf
The Curious George on the shelf was my Mom's when she was little and the quilts on the bottom shelf are ones that my Grandma and Aunt Susan made for Holden

Last weekend we also helped my sister Megan move into an apartment with her friend Elizabeth (We were very busy last weekend) Well anyways they got their things moved in and Elizabeth didn't have room for this cute little dresser in her room and said that Holden could have it. THANK YOU so much Elizabeth! It goes perfect in his room : )

10 weeks

Our sweet boy is TEN weeks old today! Here are some pictures of him from the past ten weeks!
Right after he was born 12/16/09
1 week- the day he came home from the NICU 12/23/09

2 weeks 12/30/09

Almost 3 weeks 1/2/10

4 weeks 1/13/10

5 weeks 1/20/10

6 weeks 1/27/10

7 weeks 2/3/10

8 weeks 2/10/10

9 weeks 2/17/10

10 weeks 2/24/10


I just got the call from Holden's neurologist office.... 4 more weeks and he will be off of his meds! I have been trying to get a hold of them for the past two and a half weeks so when I went to his regular doctor on Friday I told them about it and they called them and got them to call me back finally! So right now he is on 2.5ml of meds once a day and over the next 4 weeks we will reduce his meds by .5ml a week until he is off of the meds! We are so excited to have him off of this! And yes I know I forgot to put up some sweet pictures of our boy last night. I am going to try and do them tonight!

Holden's 2 Month check up

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Last Friday I took Holden in for his two month check up. When we got there we barely made it in the front of the office and Holden lost it. He was so tired and was not happy. But I just kept telling him that we were going to get to see our wonderful friend and neighbor, who is a nurse in the office I take him to, Katie. She met us at the front sign in and back to the room we went. First he was weighed and measured. Holden is now a whopping 12 lbs and in the 50% and 24 inches and in the 77%. Our sweet boy is getting so big! After that we had to wait awhile for the doctor to come in so he fell asleep laying on me. Then the doctor came in check him out said he looked great then back in came Katie... for his shots. He was in a better mood because he had had a short little nap.. then Katie gave him his shots : ( Poor boy was not happy at all. But after getting one in each leg I picked him up as fast as I could and he was better. We went home and I fed him and he slept for like 4 hours! That night he was a little fussy like his legs still hurt but that was it and the next day he was just fine! He did get two, yes two, two month birthday presents that I will put up pictures of later! And of his room, finally done!

Happy 2 Month Birthday Holden!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I can't even believe it! My sweet boy is already TWO months old! It does eel like I have had him forever but I just can't believe that it has been two months already! He he was one month ago today:
And here he is today..

Sweet boy has been holding his head up by himself for about 2 or 3 weeks now

He has been smiling for about 3 weeks and is super happy in the morning!

His guitar onsie for this month is Newborn size and came from Uncle James and Aunt Katie. He is getting bigger(as you can tell by his chubby cheeks) and much longer but he is just so long and skinny.
So here is a little of what Holden is up to at 2 months:
  • He has just grown out of most of his newborn clothes in the past two weeks. He grew out of them length wise in a week!
  • He has been completely in Size 1 diapers for about two weeks also. He was still wearing newborn diapers during the day and Size 1 at night cause they were just so big on him.
  • He sleeps anywhere from 4-8 hours at a time at night. Usually he eats about 10:30 or 11 and sleeps until about 4:30ish. Valentines Day he didn't sleep much and was up a lot that day cause his belly hurt so he slept from 10 to 6:30 the next morning
  • He eats about 4 oz every 3 or so hours during the day and night but from 8-11 every night he usually eat
  • He still does great breastfeeding or bottle feeding and doesn't mind either
  • Still loves his paci
  • He is so happy every morning
  • He loves to smile and talk to us and I love it
  • He loves watching TV
  • Just has discovered Hoochie in the past week or so and loves just watching her walk around the bed. And Hoochie loves watching him sleep. She will get up next to me on the bed and just watch him and if we aren't in the room and he starts crying she starts meowing and trying to find us
  • He still loves the car and as soon as we put him in there he falls asleep
  • Still sleeps on his stomach in his cradle next to our bed but he will sleep wherever I put him with his blanket and paci
  • LOVES blankets! He will move his hands around if he gets upset about anything looking for one to hold on to
  • Still on meds. His last EEG came back normal so we are just waiting for the doctor to call back from her vacation to tell us about coming off of them
  • His eyes are still Blue! I just can't believe that I have a blue eyed boy!
  • His hair looks red in light and in pictures. But I think he will have brown like Jack and I.. (but once again we both have brown eyes and his are blue so who knows!)
  • He goes this Friday for his 2 month check up and shots... I am NOT looking forward to this : (

Holden you are just so much fun and changing so much every day! Daddy and I love you more then we can tell you and we are so lucky to have such a sweet boy!

A little of this and that

Monday, February 15, 2010

Today we are hanging out at home. I had the day off and Jack had jury duty so we are all home today. We are also waiting on our new washer and dryer to be delivered since our washer went out on us last weekend. I actually can't wait to do laundry! But I just wanted to add some pictures of over the past few days!

This was from this morning. Look at his blue eyes! Jack and I both have brown
I told him to smile and wave for everyone down in south FL! We love yall!

Talking to Daddy last night

He was way too busy watching TV on our bed then to look at me. ha! His cute bib Aunt Jamie let us barrow for him!

We had 3-4 inches of SNOW here on Friday night! This was from Saturday at our friends Mandy and Bill's backyard
Daddy and Holden
I LOVE this one I took the other day! I think I am going to make it black and white and hang it on a blank wall I have in our kitchen!
Here is Holden sleeping on the blanket that sweet Evelyn sent for him! He LOVES it and holding on to it!

Holden's Best Friend

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Meet Holden's best friend Campbell. He is the little boy I watch and on Tuesday, I came back to work. He is soo sweet and such a happy boy, a little jealous at times (like when he's tired) but what else do you expect out of an almost 11 month old? He is so stinkin cute and loves Holden. I can tell already that they are going to be best friends. Here are so super cute pictures I took of the two of them on Tuesday and Wednesday!

Campbell checkin out Holden

Cam is already sharing his toys with him

I left for 8 weeks and when I came back Cam is pulling up on everything! Such a big boy!

Sweet picture of my sweet boy sleeping on the couch

I love his face in this picture! He LOVES the lights in the take-along swing

I know he's crying but it's just so cute

This is how most of our picture taking time went
Campbell is SOOO cute! Here is his mom Andie's blog (click on her name)

Cam teaching Holden how to do the "Fist Pump". Someone has been watching too much Jersey Shore Ha! They look so guilty and I know they are best friends already!

Guess what??

Monday, February 8, 2010

Guess who's EEG came back normal?!? I finally remembered to call the doctor this morning and the nurse called me back within minutes to let me know that Holden's EEG came back completely normal! YAAA HOOO!! Like we didn't already know he was ok! ha! So the plan was to wean him off of the phenobarbital if it came back normal BUT the lady he is seeing at the neurologist office is out of town but the nurse made a note to ask her about it and she is supposed to call me when she gets back. So it looks like we might still be on it for a few more weeks but I can deal with that! Thank you for all of the thought and prayers as we have been going through all of this for the past 7 and a half weeks! Now here are some cute ones of our normal, healthy baby boy!

After bath time
His diaper says "Poop is a gift from God" At one of my baby showers they had people write messages on diapers for me and I was using them at night until they started rubbing off on his clothes.

Last Saturday morning

This morning my Grandparents stopped by to visit for a little bit and Holden was up the whole time but not long after they left he was out.
He LOVES his blankets
Yes my child is watching TV! ha!
I think he liked watching Ice Age

Just a few cute ones off of Mom's computer..

Saturday, February 6, 2010

We are hanging out again at my Mom and Billy's house today while Jack helps out painting and I found some really cute pics on their computer that I thought I would share!

This one is from the other day. I think he was watching Pop Pop paint.
Again from the other day. Nice face Holden! ha!

His first time on the rocking horse that Nana got him
And of course Chatt has to be right next to him

One from his days in the NICU

This one is from about two weeks ago..... once again Chatt is obsessed with babies...
and yes his tongue is sticking out probably trying to lick him
This is how he fell asleep waiting on Nana the other day... One blanket by his face, Pop Pop's shirt that he pulled down on the other side and his favorite blanket under his hands
This is Holden's Great- Grandma Hansen(My Grandma) on New Years Day