We go walkin'

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Here are just a few photos from Holden's first real walking steps!! He has been taking a few steps here and there fo awhile now, but toda he really decided to take off. It was right before nap time and he was super tired and he just kept going!

Go Holden, go!! Way to go sweet boy! We love you!

Wordless Wednesday

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mr. GQ Himself

Just hanging out in the back yard last week when we were at the beach

And yes we left him in the middle of water that was an inch deep by maybe 2 feet wide in hopes of getting him to try and walk.

It didn't work

Cedar Key, FL 2011

Sunday, April 10, 2011

We have had a blast over the past week! We left last Saturday morning and headed down to Cedar Key, FL {about 7 or so hours away just west of Ocala} for a fun filled, relaxing week with family. We had a house that we rented with my Mom, Step-Dad Billy, Brother Kyle and SIL Dale and it was amazing! The view we had was just incredible! It was very open with the rooms on opposite side of the house so Holden stayed VERY busy crawling everywhere! We stayed super busy doing things from going to a festival n town the first day, to spending the day in Ocala, to going to the beach, to eating the BEST EVER clam chowder!! I am not even a fan and this guy's was incredible! It was Tony's and you can order in online HERE and believe me my mouth just waters talking about it and it was also 2 time world champions!
We just had so much fun! Holden had a blast but was super whiny a lot of the week and I'm still not sure what is up with that. Like I have said MANY time... maybe he is getting teeth?? Hey he has to get the sometime! HA! : )

We just had the most fun and I have MANY other pics to share but these are just some of the highlights! I hope that you all had wonderful weeks too!

Sitting on the dock of the bay...

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hello blogland! : ) right now I am sitting looking at the. Most AMAZING view ever at the beach (well actually not at the beach and we were told on Sunday if we came here looking for the beach we came to the wrong place! Lol) I have soo many fun things to share but for some reason can't ge blogger to work for me so I'm blogging via text! We are having a blast in Florida with my mom, step-dad Billy, brother Kyle and sisiter in law Dale! Holden is having a ball playing with all the dogs and haing so much attention. We are just having so muc fun and I can not wait to tell you all about it! For now though, Holden is taking anap and the boys are fishing so I'm going to lay on the dock and get my tan on!

Happy 15 Months Holden!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Holden Michael you are 15 months old! { Ok so almost 16 month but I wanted to get a few things down before the big 16 months next week : ) } I'm not going to put a lot in this post because like I said you are going to be 16 month next week but I wanted to make sure to get you stats down from the doctor and a few little things bout what is going on in your life right now
 You went to your 15 month check up on 4/1/11 and you are 22 lbs 5 oz {15 percentile} and 33 and a half inches long {95%}
You still aren't walking or have any teeth but that is just fine! You will walk when you are ready and hey you teeth will come in when they are good and ready. I do however think it is starting to frustrate you when you can't bite into something or get a toy you are pushing stuck somewhere.
 We aren't and Campbell's house anymore since he has a new baby sister Harper who was born on your 15 month birthday! BUT we are at Cooper, Cash and Tucker's {Campbell's cousins} and you love them very much!
 You got your first {and second} haircut this month by me and did very well!
 Blankie and paci = a must! And I am NOT about to take away that paci until you are almost or done teething. But I think deff by two... no promises tho : )
You are super happy most of the time and you get into EVERYTHING! And I wouldn't have it any other way! I love you to the moon and beyond sweet boy!

Full update coming next week : )