A little of this and that

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Ok so I know I have been really bad about posting lately and keeping everyone updated on what going on getting ready for Mr. Holden. We have been really busy lately and I have the best job in the whole world for me right now and love it and it's pretty easy most of the time BUT by the time I get home I am soo tired. The best thing about keeping a 7 month old is not only is he so stinkin cute and Holden will have a best friend for life but I can usually get two good naps out of him a day. Also as he is getting older he is able to play a lot more with out me being right next to him. So I am able to put my feet up and relax more than I could with any other job. So it's awesome.

So here is a little of what we have been up to.....

Like I have said before, we have had two showers and got so much great stuff. Our only problem has been the oh so annoying room mate that we finally had to kick out(which is a LOOONG story). So we finally did that and Jack cleaned the nasty, and I do mean NASTY, mess that he left behind. So next we just have to clean the carpets in the room and will have so much more storage for some of Holden's things that he doesn't need right this second but will soon.

Last weekend we also went on our hospital tour! Holden will be born at Northside hospital which is also where I was born! So last Sunday, we loaded up the car with our neighbors Kenny and Katie and went down for our tour. I think Jack was really nervous about this knowing that next time we come will be having a baby. He did really good but got really nervous about them talking about after the baby is born and cleaning him on the warming table. He is going to be such an awesome Daddy and I think he just wants to do things the best he can.

I also wanted to go ahead and write on here a few of the hospital policies that friends/family will need to no should you want to come visit us after Holden is born. The hospital does not allow any children under the age of 12 to come and visit. We have lots of friends with kids and we can't wait for all of the to meet our sweet baby but the kids have to wait until we get home. Also they ask (and I do too) that if you have had a fever with in the past few days or been around anyone who has been sick at all please wait 7-10 days to visit. I know this may sound a little crazy but I just him and us to stay as healthy as possible.

Another thing I wanted to write about is recipes. I am going to take one of these weekends coming up and make a bunch of meals to freeze. I know this will help a lot after Holden is here and make figuring out dinner much easier. So if you have a good recipe that freezes great and is good to eat to I would love for you to e-mail it to me so I can make and freeze it! I know Jack will think this is great when he is in charge of dinner! My e-mail is Emilybell987@yahoo.com

Thank you all so much! Only 58 days left and that means only 57 until Christmas! Time to start shoppin!

Sugar Dawgs...

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Remember this AWESOME mosaic that my Mom made Holden?? This has quickly become my Mom's new obsession and she is soo good at it! I bet she has made over 50 mosaic pieces over the past 6 months and they are all so cool. Well she finally has a website up and running and is selling them! She can pretty much make whatever you want from flowers to names to sports themed pieces. She is so great at this and loves doing it! If you would like something like this in your home or as a gift (cause they make wonderful gifts for birthdays, weddings, or Holidays) check out her new website!

I think I might even have her make a Christmas one for me since I love Christmas and Christmas decorations so much! Go check it out!

30 weeks and counting...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

So I know it has been forever since I have posted on here so here is a little of what we have been up to! We have had our first two showers and have got so much stuff! We have had so much fun just going through it all and I think Jack just likes playing with all the toys we get more than anything! Holden's room is a wreck right now as we keep sorting through all his gifts clothes and things we need. I am sooo looking forward to being able to sorting some things out of his room this weekend after our room mate moves out which is a whole story in itself. I am just feeling very overwhelmed right now since stuff is everywhere in our house is way out of wack with all this craziness going on. But I know that it should all be better by this weekend and hopefully our whole house will return to normal. My doctors visits have been going great. I had my gestational diabetes test and I just knew that I was going to have it. My Mom did, Grandmother, and Aunt so I just knew it was coming... BUT I don't!! That was the best news by far because I just knew I would. Everything looks good with Holden and he is getting bigger and stronger every day. The doctor asked me last time I was in how big I thought that he would be and I did say and still do think he is going to be big. I was 9.3 when I was born and Jack was 9.7. Lord help me now! ha! He said that he would just keep watching and if he thought he was big around week 36 he would do an ultrasound to check. He also told me the busiest time of the year to have a baby is the week between Christmas Eve and New Years Day so we are still hoping for him to come a little early. Not too early and not before 37 weeks unless he is super healthy. But I would LOVE to wake up Christmas morning in our own bed with our sweet baby. Plus we are soooo excited that all of Jack's sisters are coming in town this year for Christmas! So Holden will need to be here to meet his Aunt's Monica, Katie and Jamie and Uncle's James and Carlos and his cousin Sophia!