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Monday, January 17, 2011

A few weeks ago, I was doing some blog reading, while the boys were napping, and I ran across a post on Heather's blog that I loved! She listed things that you would need to know about her if you ever were to become BFF's. I thought that is such a cool idea! I think it is so fun to learn little things about what people like and don't like. Like for example, I will {of course} use Jack. Jack does not like tomatoes on his salad {when he eats one} and could probably try to live off of Coke. See I bet you didn't know those things about my awesome husband now did ya? So here are a few things that you may or may not know about me but you may find out if we ever become BFF's : )
1. I LOVE Sweet Tea with or without lemon and would choose it over any drink any day!
2. My favorite food is Mexican.... it doesn't help to have an awesome Mexican restaurant less than a mile from our house
3. While I write this I am watching an episode of Jersey Shore that I missed last week.
4. Jack and Holden are my life! They come before anything!
5. I could probably wear PJ's everyday, but love to dress up and go on a date
6. I love hanging out with our awesome friends and neighbors at weekend fires in the backyard fire pit
7. I love a good red velvet cake : )
8. I'm super addicted to the blog world and facebook
9. I am a Nanny to an adorable little boy during the day named Campbell who is about to be a Big Brother in March!
10. I think I would probably have 10 kids if I could afford it... ok maybe not that many... but maybe 4 or 5
11. I love sewing and making things for people
12. I love to cook and have friends over for dinner!
13. I have a small shop called Holden's Hut
14. My life is pretty awesome and I love to have fun!

OK now that is just some little things about me? What is something that you would put on your list??

And what is a post with out a picture of this sweet boy who has now discovered he can reach door handles.... Awesome! : )

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