5 Months

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Rylan Levi, today you are 5 months old! Mommy is a HUGE slacked and hasn't really done a month to month update on you so I am deff doing one now! You are seriously the happiest and cuddliest baby ever. You are constantly smiling and laughing and you think Holden is the funniest kid around! You have the best personality and can make anyone smile. Here is a little about you at 5 months:

*You are wearing size 3-6 month clothes and size 2 diapers. {At night you wear size 3 just to help keep you dry longer}
* You are taking 5 or 6 oz of Similac Soy every 3 hours during the day and usually wake up about 1-2 times at night
*You just started sleeping in your crib and I think you like it. : ) You LOVE to sleep with your arms stretched out above your head and you just weren't fitting so well in your cradle like that.

*You usually take somewhere between 2 and 4 naps a day depending on if we have to get up in the morning. {If we go to Cooper's house you always sleep on the way there and home}
*You are IN LOVE with your blankie!
*We started you on rice cereal about a month ago but it didn't agree with your stomach so we waited a few weeks to try again... still didn't like your belly

*You are a BIG time Mommy's boy
*Holden is finally coming around a lot more and wanting to hold you!
*You like your paci but you could take it or leave it most times. Then there is other where you have to have it.
*You just went in the pool for the first time a few weeks ago and you LOVED it! I should have known since bath time is your favorite!
*You are doing so good and growing so fast!

Rylan Levi, We love you sooo much and thank God for such a sweet and perfect boy! I love you so big and can't wait to see you grow up!

Melts my heart..

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

It melts my heart..., that he may FINALLY like his little brother...

.... Or maybe I bribed him with a cookie...

I'll never tell! : )

Wordless Wednesday

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A pool and a fire

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Whew-what a fun filled weekend we have had! Yesterday we spent time running errands and going to the park to play. Today we stayed around the house most of the day then went to my dads house for dinner and swimming. Not much swimming really went on but Holden had a blast squirting everyone with his squirt gun!

We also had our fill of entertainment when the next mountain over from their house caught fire and they had to come up dads driveway to get to the woods where the fire was. Jack and my step brother Jackson decided they wanted to follow the firemen to see the fire so there is a pic below. Holden just loved seeing all the fireman, fire truck and the huge tractor they brought in to help control the fire. Luckily it was about a mile from their house, do we were all safe enough away.

So here are some sweet pics from this afternoon! Enjoy!!