Ni-Nite Holden

Thursday, August 25, 2011

About a month ago, I realized that since we had a new baby on the way that we either 1} had to get another crib or 2} buy Holden a new bed. Well since his crib was so awesome to make a toddler bed, I took of the front of his bed off one day and went on and turned in into a toddler bed just to see what he would do. And he did great! He did great falling asleep and for the most part staying asleep and in his bed at night so we decided to start looking for a toddler/kid bed for him. So one day we headed to Ikea{I seriously LOVE that place} and found this adorable toddler bed! It's bigger than a toddler bed but smaller than a single so I knew it would be perfect for him. So we had my mom come over the next day and help me organize our guest room/new babies room and get out non baby things so we could move the crib over and put together Holden's new bed. I have to say that I do love this bed and I think Holden does too! It is the perfect size for him to crawl in and out of without help and I think he loves the fact that he can wake up in the middle of the night and walk down to our room. Of course when he does that he stands next to my side of the bed and says "mama, up"

 And since he is OBSESSED with choo-choo's right now of course I had to make him a pillow case to go with his new bed! : )
 We also decided while at Ikea that his bookshelf that was in his room wasn't very safe and he needed something smaller for him to be able to get to his books. So we got him this one and we love it!
 As you can see he loves his bed and his naps : )
 I am in the process of taking apart his crib bumpers, crib skirt and comforter to make his a blanket/quilt like blanket to fit his new bed. But for now, he loves sleeping with his Holden blanket and some stuffed animals. The Curious George monkey was my moms when she was little and Holden loves it!
So that is the view of Holden's big boy room for now. Eventually we will get him a dresser when we move over the changing table and black dresser to go in the babies room but for now they are fine in his.
Ni-Nite my big boy who is growing up so fast. I love you so big : )

17 Weeks

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hi! Well I am officially 17 weeks 3 days with this sweet baby boy. And instead of cleaning that horribly nasty mirror in my bathroom{IF ONLY I knew someone who could clean it for me because they clean glass all day hmmmm. FYI Jack installs glass/mirrors/windows stuff like that all day but at home getting him to clean them is like pulling teeth! HA!} I would rather fill you all in on what been going on this pregnancy. 

I found out I was prego this time on May 21 after getting home from a graduation. I just thought I would take one ans see what happens since I wasn't late yet but just felt like I knew. I went of the pill in March and since it took us about 6 months to get pregnant with Holden I deff did not think I would be pregnant this fast this time! I called Jack up to see the test and I think we were both just totally in shock. Super happy just couldn't believe that it happened that fast. This was also the same day that "the world was going to end" HA! Crazy guy. We told a few people and before long a lot of people knew so we told more but didn't "officially" announce it until around mid- July.

I have been super tired this pregnancy and would love to sleep all the time but we all know with a one year old that isn't going to happen. {Like as I type this I hear that he has just emptied out the change jar in my bedroom-awesome} Not really any morning sickness as in hurling but just kinda gag-gy. I know TMI. I haven't really had any craving but could eat Mexican all the time. Baby is super low this time and I am now starting to feel him moving and groovin a whole lot more.

I really wish I had a name for him but I haven't really found the perfect fit yet. We have a ton that we go thru and about 5 we kinda are sticking around but just not completely sure just yet. I go back to the doctor in two weeks and I can't wait to see this sweet baby again!

I know this was way too much but wanted to get it all down. Now I must go clean up the mess that Holden is making since I can hear change flying across my room. Hey maybe that means he will make me a lot of it when he gets older? : )

Sweet Baby Boy

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Last weekend I was on a mission. A mission to find out if we were adding a sweet little boy or girl to our family. I tried calling around several 3d/4d places to see if anyone had appts for the day, most didn't, then at 1:15 and in Gainesville I found one opening at a place at 2 in Alpharetta. Somehow we made it there right on time. And we found out that we were adding this sweet little baby boy to our family. Here are some of the best pics we got that day. Because he is still so small, some of the others you can't see very much and then he flipped and put his back to us. In all of the pics below his head is at the top right and most of them he has his hands up by his face just like Holden did : )

This sweet baby boy doesn't really have a name yet. We had decided on Graham {which I love} but some reason is doesn't really feel like it fits right now. So we are still throwing lots of names around and right now I think his name may change every day : ) I don't really think Holden has a clue but he does point to my stomach and say baby and every time he sees a baby in a picture or out and about somewhere he also points and says baby but I'm not sure he has the connection. This sweet baby is due January 29 and we are planning on doing a repeat C-Section. So as long as my blood pressure stays fine we will have a section at around 39 weeks or after. We haven't really starting working on his room yet but I know exactly what I am going to do in there and that is a while other post in itself.

But for now here are some pics of my sweet boy playing on his "tuck"{truck} the other night. He needs a whole post on him coming soon also! He is changing so much SO fast I need to get everything down : )
 Love this sweet boy!!

Holden is having a baby....

Friday, August 19, 2011

 I'm super excited to let you all know that Holden is having a baby BROTHER!! I can't even believe that I am going to have two sweet little boys in just a few short months! Jack and I are super excited and I of course have already starting making the boys{that still sounds weird : ) } matching things. Here is the first matching outfits I  made them:

 No idea why this is turned this way and why I can't turn it. whatever

Aren't these just adorable?? Right now you can't see the letters very clearly but I am going to sew them on with brown thread and I think it will just make them pop. Right now I think we are going with the name Graham for our new little guy to come. I just love it and I think it goes well with Holden also : ) 

Lots more to come so stayed tuned! : )

I'm back..!! :

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hey yall!! I have been away from here for WAY too long!! I have soo much to blog about!! I was looking thru pictures that I have taken over the past few months and I have not taken nearly enough of this sweet little boy! We have been spending most of our days now at home and playing and well Holden has been doing a lot of  "coo-kin" in his Ikea $10 tent.

 We destroy the house each and every day and I know Jack much think a tornado comes thru every day. I try my hardest to clean up when I can during nap time but some days I just need to nap as well....
 .. because if your a blog friend then you haven't heard Holden's BIG news!!

Maybe I have been so out of it and tired for so long because...


Ok so maybe this isn't new news since I am almost 17 weeks... but to any blog friends out there, who are still wanting to see whats going on with us, it's news to you : )

All the details to come like how long we have known(it feels like forever), pics from ultrasounds last weekend, and most importantly is he going to have a baby sister or brother!
You'll just have to wait until tomorrow to find out : )

That is if anyone is still out there : )