Year in Pictures

Thursday, January 27, 2011

 {1/19/11 Holden found the tupperware cabinet when I was making dinner}
 {1/20/11 Skinny little legs trying to climb over the gate}
 {1/20/11 Still trying : ) }
 {1/21/11 I got this one after he fell asleep on me. e was so tired I layed him down and changed his diaper and he didn't even wake up}

 {1/21/11 Before he fell asleep he was playing with Tucker and Campbell}
 {1/22/11 We went to over favorite place to eat Osaka with our awesome friends and neighbors The Ferguson's}
 {1/23/11 Watching everyone play Guitar Hero}
{1/24/11 Playing with my fave boys! From L to R Cooper{6}, Holden{1}, Cash{4}, Campbell{1}, and Tucker{2} We took the bottom picture first and then Sara jumped up in the picture and wanted her picture taken too! HA!}

 {1/25/11 Looking for the dogs outside the window}
{1/26/11 Playing with Daddy and Elmo}


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