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Friday, January 28, 2011

What's That you say? You missed me? I missed you too you 4 or 5 people who read this silly blog. HA! I have been sooo super busy this week hanging out with these adorable little boys. Remember when I used to keep the three boys and their Daddy lost his job? Well I have great news.. he got a job and loves it! That is so wonderful for them and we are all excited! Well he started his new job on Monday and that meant they were in need of a nanny. Well I am busy keeping Campbell and soon he will have a new little sister so they thought it might be easier to find someone else for the boys. Which after Monday-Wednesday being with 5 boys under 6 is probably a good idea for my sanity. Well they had a nanny worked out that was great and things didn't really come together until yesterday for everyone so I had the boys M-W and yesterday was back to normal. But seriously how stinkin cute are all of them!

{L to R Cooper{6}, Holden, Cash{4}, Campbell{1} and Tucker{2}}

All seriousness I love these boys so much and would do anything for them and I think they know it : ) And I love them so much that I am going to go pick up Cooper and Cash after I leave Campbell's house today so that they can spend the night with us and play Lego Star Wars all night with Jack! 
I'll let ya know how that goes! : )


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Kendra said...

Oh man I bet all those boys keep you running!But how fun for holden to have friends to play with!

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