Playing outside

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Yesterday was such a beautiful day outside! I had an extra little one over at Campbell's house{which I do a lot and I think it is much easier the more you have} so I decided to take the three boys outside. Holden still isn't too sure about about the grass and since it is dead and hard right now he really isn't sure about it. When we first went out he just sat there and watched the boys run around. Which was perfect for getting a few pics of him.
 But he wasn't feeling too great so he wasn't very happy that I wasn't holding him and he couldn't crawl anywhere.

 Then he wanted to show off his mad standing skills! HA! He is standing up for longer and longer all the time!

 Then he decided enough was enough and decided crawling up and down the sidewalk would be fun.

 Then we went inside : )


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