Year in Pictures

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

 {1/8/11 Eating his first Krispy Kreme donughnut}
 {1/9/11 We had 7+ inches of snow at our house when we woke up! Holden- not a fan!}
 {1/10/11 Still not crazy about the snow}
 {1/12/11.. somehow these got out of order First picture of him standing by himself!!!! Snow day number 4= stuck at home still but Holden likes the snow better}
 {1/11/11 Watching the neighborhood kids go sledding with Daddy}
 {1/13/11 We had to leave the house for a little bit and went over to Nana and Papa's. Holden is eating his snack sitting where Papa always sits on the couch}
 {1/14/11 Cooking dinner for Mommy and Daddy}
 {1/15/11 We went to diner at Outback with Erin, Colin and Kaylee}
 {1/15/11 Crazy hair when we got home from dinner!}
 {1/16/11 Helping Daddy unload the dishwasher and he turned around and you climbed in!}

{1/16/11 Rocking on your horse at Nana's}
{1/17/11 Playing Peek a boo with Mommy at Campbell's house. Our first day back to work after a week off}

{1/18/11 Eating dinner at our favorite place Osaka! We have been there SOOO many time with Holden but this was his first time eating the food! He LOVED watching the guy cook}


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