Homemade donuts

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Saturday morning we woke up to two adorable little boys jumping on the bed. Cooper and Cash spent the night to play Wii with Jack late the night before and Saturday morning when we got up I was searching for something to make for breakfast. I decided to make the boys donuts and they LOVED them and they are super duper easy. 
First you need to take a can of biscuits and cut holes in the center of every biscuit. Just use something small and round..... yes, I used a shot glass. That is probably the only time it has been used in many years!
Then drop them in some hot oil. But not too hot because if it is too hot it will cook the outside and not the inside. If this happens throw them in the microwave for a min or so.... not that I would know or anything! HA!
 Then take them out of the oil and roll them around in cinnamon and sugar and eat!


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