Soo addicted

Friday, January 7, 2011

Ok here it comes. a huge confession. one that you already know is coming if you have been reading my blog for awhile. i am super addicted to this show. i think i may need to attend a "special" meeting! ha! 
my name is emily and i am super addicted to the fist pumping, italian eating, sunbathing, "juice heads", bar hoping, fighting, problem causing, crazy house of the Jersey Shore
and it could not make me any happier than a NEW season started last night. no i didn't stay up to watch it. are you crazy 10 is way past my bed time on a week night. but i did record it and i can't wait for the boys to play nap time so that i can watch it!
 so is anyone else as quite addicted as me?? and if you are venturing over from my Holden's Hut blog then is is a HUGE clue to where i was standing in the picture....

p.s. can i please mention how hard it is not to capitalize anything or at least most??

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