So. In. Love

Thursday, February 24, 2011

One of the thing that I really want to do this year is make a duvet cover for our bed and some curtains as well. I hadn't really thought too much about what I really wanted to make but I knew I wanted it be fun and cheap if that was possible. One of my favorite things to do at nap time{while catching up on my recorded trashy tv} is browse blogs and esp craft and sewing blogs. One day earlier this week I ran across Kojo Designs and I think I found a new love. Holy cow. Their website is just AMAZING and I love it sooo much! They have super fun things that I can not wait to try and some that I already can make! AND one of my favorite things I found on their blog was this...
....isn't it just beautiful! And it is super easy to make! I am soo making this asap! But I am thinking of doing something with a little more color..... we shall see! : )

Another fun thing I found and am so going to make try to make is this adorable purse/weekend/I may use as a diaper bag and maybe with some other colors.
I LOVE this bag and the colors but it is more fall like and I am feeling like something more summery right now.

Ok now something for Mr. Holden. About a month or so ago I decided it was time to clean our our crazy closet and get rid of some things. Well yeah I'm still not completely done but we have sorted out what we don't want and I have a huge pile of clothes. When I saw these pants I just knew that I needed to make them for Holden and have a huge stack of shirts to use!
Aren't these just adorable and I can't even imagine how comfy they are! AND for all you YL-ers out there look closely at these... she found the shirts she used at a thrift store and one of the shirts she used was a YL summer staff shirt! How awesome is that???

Ok that's it for now I have a few little one calling my name but these things were just too awesome not to share!!


Year in Pictures

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

{2-16-11 Eating a salad}
{2-17-11 Holden is obsessed with vacuums!!}
{2-18-11 Playing outside. He turned the lawnmower upside down and was turning the wheels and laughing}
{2-19-11 Lawn mower riding with Papa}
{2-20-11 Silly boy}

{2-22-11 Silly snaked boy this was before he took off his diaper}


So if being snaked with only a diaper and socks wasn't enough....

.... just follow Holden's lead and take off your diaper!

Then as soon as mommy puts a new diaper and pants on you just see how much trouble you can get in how much fun you can have making a mess out of clothes and opening doors! HA! 

Happy Tuesday!

Just a bunch of Randomness

Monday, February 21, 2011

Hey yall! So today I just thought that I would write down a few things that I have been doing/thinking about a lot lately. You know cause I want to. HA!

My sweet boy is sooo  close to walking and could if he really wanted to. Yesterday he was sitting on the couch with Jack and wanted down. As soon as his feet hit the floor and he got his balance he took 4 steps! And then last night he was standing a lot and just thinking about doing it again. AND now he has decided to crawl on his hands and feet instead of his knees!

Holden got his first splinters{yes two} on Saturday. He was crawling around outside at my Mom's house all day on Saturday with no shoes on and got one tiny splinter in his toe and one on the top of his foot. Poor baby. We got them both out that night but he was not happy and I can't blame him.

One of Holden's favorite bath toys the music singing octopus decided to loose suction to the side of the bath tub in the middle of the night on Saturday night. Which sent Jack jumping way out of the bed thinking someone was kicking in the front door... until we heard the stinkin toy singing thru the baby monitor. And yes Holden slept thru the whole thing.

Fav tv shows right now are American Idol, Glee, Teen Mom 2 and Jersey Shore of course

I want to make a duvet cover for our bed and some curtains for our room..... sometime this year.

My kitchen has been turned into a make shift sewing room since it is more fun to sew with others around.

Stuff to sew/make right now: 4 Tutu's, 2 pillows, one onesie, one sleep sack{well I'm going to try}, one car seat taken apart to recover.. trying to decided to make more seams or not, duvet cover

I can not wait for our hopefully upcoming beach trip in the next few months! HOPEFULLY Jack's boss will give him the week off???

My job security is 37 days away from her due date : ) Can't wait to meet Miss Harper!

Last Friday night, Holden spent the night at Nana and Papa's house so we could go on a date. It turned out we triple-dated with our awesome neighbors and had sooo much fun! I miss our fires and can't wait to have another one soon!

I can not wait to see Lori, Robbie, Shejuan, Mandy and hopefully Lourdes on Saturday night!!

That's it.. well all I have for now : )


14 Months

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Holden Michael you are 14 months old! Where is time going?? You are growing up so fast and I love being able to spend every day with you! You have such a fun personality and so much fun to be around! Here is a little of what you are up to at 14 months:

You are wearing size 12-18 month clothes, size 3 diapers and size 5 shoes.. you are going to have huge feet just like your Daddy
You are a wonderful eater... most of the time... and eat pretty much everything. Your favorites right now are Nutri Grain Bars, lasagna, chicken nuggets, cheese quesadillas, mac and cheese, chicken, yogurt melts, bread and goldfish
You LOVE milk
We can't and don't go anywhere without paci and blankie. But now I only try to give you your paci when you are sleepin or in the car
You love to go and be in the car. You are such a good car baby and that is probably a good thing since we are in the car for 45 min twice a day if not more
STILL not one tooth is that sweet little mouth of your but hey they have to come in sometime.... 
You are standing by yourself a lot and can squat down and pick something up and stand back up with no help but aren't walking yet
You are a crazy fast crawler when you want something or see the gate at the bottom of the stairs is open
Your favorite things to watch right now are Elmo, Sesame Street, Barney and Ice Age.. I'm on a wiggles strike since you and Cam could watch them ALL day! HA!
Your Bff if Campbell and you have a love/ hate relationship with each other like brothers. One minute yall are fighting over something and the next playing so great together.
You are the happiest baby and have the best laugh ever
You have found your belly button within the past month and love to show it when anyone ask where it is
Honking noses is a fav
You are super funny. You LOVE phones and when ever one is left unattended you will pick it up and call whoever and act like you are talking with the phone to your ear
You talk all day long. Lots.
You are signing a ton!! Here in the past few weeks you have taken off signing more, all done, water and eat and if that doesn't work you love to just point at what you want

 Holden I know I have said this a million or more time to you but I love you so much. More than you will ever know and I feel sooo lucky that God choose Daddy and I to be your parents. We spend so much time just laughing and playing with you and I wouldn't change a thing in the world! I love you sweet boy!


Year in Pictures

 {2-1-11 Poor baby does not feel good}
 {2-2-11 Dancing}
 {2-3-11 He was so tired he fell asleep on me and didn't wake up when I laid him down to change his diaper}
 {2-4-11 Eating dinner at Ruby Tuesday hanging out with Daddy}
 {2-5-11 Poor baby feels so bad he will only sleep on Daddy at nap time}
{2-6-11 Sweet boy}

 {2-7-11 Umm Holden I don't think that is a chew toy}
 {2-8-11 This pic cracks me up cause he was just talking away while getting in and out of the car}
 {2-9-11 Love this boy!!}
 {2-10-11 ONly pic I took the whole day except for one of Cam who did not feel well at all}
 {2-11-11 STILL not feeling better and was so tired. }
 {2-12-11 But Mommy, Fruit Loops are better when eaten off of the floor... they were everywhere}
 {2-13-11 Playing outside on a BEAUTIFUL day}
 {2-14-11 Happy Valentines Day! Mommy is my valentine this year and she made me this special onesie}
{2-15-11 So VERY close to walking but would rather crawl.. whatever lol}

Note to self go back and finish Jan pics!

Valentines Day Fun!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

 On Valentines Day we had a lot of fun! Despite Jack and I still not feeling 100% and I don't think Holden was either, we still had a wonderful day! 
 One of Holden's favorite things to do right now is read books. And by read book I mean I read them to him and then he goes to every page and points and talks up a storm like he is reading it. It is the cutest thing ever!
 I thought that he might need a special onesie to wear for Valentines Day to show who his Valentines was : )

 Reading with Cam. He was mad in this picture because I took the book away from him trying to get a good picture of the both of them and he was not happy.
 Sweet Cam
 This pic cracks me up!! I think I was holding another book up trying to get them both to look up and it didn't work so well! HA!

They seriously love reading
 It was such a beautiful day here and in the 60's so of course I took the boys outside to play. I am sooo glad to be able to let them go out again after all the cold days that we have had.

 Today we also got a visit from my friend Shejuan that I used to work with when I was a parapro in a spec ed classroom about 3 years ago. It was soo good to get to see her and we already have a plan to meet again soon! On the way home Holden and I stopped by Chick Fil A and got the three of us dinner since we weren't feeling so great and Jack and I are going out for Valentines Day Friday night instead. When I got home I was super surprised to find my Valentines Day gift from Jack. I had told him to wait until I could get his and he just couldn't do it. He got me a travel sewing machine case{that may sound super weird but I have been wanting one of these soooo bad since I got my new machine for Christmas and I'm soooo excited to use it} and my fav lotion from Bath and Body Works and lots of candy.
It was an awesome day with both of my Valentines!