This little Monkey

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

 We were excited to dress Holden up this year and take him trick or treating. Unfortunately, Holden got my sickness and was sick. I took him to the doctor in the morning but his medicine hadn't really kicked in yet so he wasn't feeling much better. We really wanted to take him trick or treating at least to a few houses just to say we did but decided it was best not to.
So instead we headed over to my Mom's house and let him do a little trick or treating over there. Well their neighborhood doesn't really have many trick or treaters so they had all their lights off and were hanging out watching tv in their room and couldn't hear this little monkey ringing their doorbell. So of course I had to text them.
I'm not sure Holden really got the idea of trick or treating at all but he was VERY ready to get out of his monkey costume and eat some candy that Nana gave him
Harris decided that he loved Holden a lot and really wanted Holden to share! HA!
Holden and Papa

Holden never did share his candy with Harris but it did make for a cute picture!
Here is a pic from Halloween 2010 and my uncle and aunts farm.

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