Holden's Turkey Day shirt

Sunday, November 20, 2011

 It seems like lately, I have been super duper busy sewing a ton of stuff. From Rylan's bedding to a billion shirts for Holden to birthday presents and many orders. 
Holden and Rylan I do have to say have some of the CUTEST shirts and onesies right now that I have ever made!
Here is a recent one that I made for Holden to wear for Thanksgiving
 Mr. Turkey shirt he loves and if you ask him what a turkey says he will say "obble, obble". 
Love it.
I'll try this week to post some other cute ones that I have made for them lately but that's it for now, I have made tons of things this weekend and have been on my feet for way too long. It's bed time for me! Night all!

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