On Halloween Eve...

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Tonight before bed, I took these pics of Holden in his halloween jammies. Poor baby has caught the funk that I have had now for two weeks and he is not feeling well at all. I ended up at the doc last week with a sinus infection and tomorrow I will be taking him. Why is it that our babies have to get sick??
 He wasn't so crazy about taking any pics at first...
 Layin on Baby Rylan
 Then he just kept saying "eese" "eese" {cheese}...

 and posing! This crazy child of mine : )

 So yes, maybe there is a million pics of my sweet boy but I am soaking him all in since he won't be my only baby for much longer! Tomorrow we hope to take him trick or treating at least to a few places just to say he went so we will see how that goes. : )

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