Car Seat Recover #2

Monday, November 28, 2011

 A while back, my sweet cousin Keri asked me to recover a car seat for her. She had been given a car seat from a friend to use as an extra for her husbands car and wanted to know if I would recover it for her. Of course I said yes!
I love doing new projects like this and learning along the way exactly how to do it. The actual car seat part was super simple and I just took the pieces apart recovered them and put them back together. The top canopy however gave me a little trouble since I had never done one before but turned out better than I expected! 
So here is the before pics:
 {I had already taken the straps off so I could wash the cover before recovering it}

 And after:
Much better if I do say so myself : )

 With the straps put back in and sweet little Kinsleigh's head support

 I am really happy with how this turned out and hopefully they are too! : )


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