Most fun project EVER!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

 For weeks months now I have been working in and on getting Rylan's room ready for him. From getting his clothes washed and put away to little things like his diapers all organized. A few weeks ago, I went to one of my fav places ever Hobby Lobby and got the letters for his name to go above his bed. Holden has the exact same letters we just spray painted his black. Well this weekend I got around to hanging them above his bed. Love it! I do need to go back and shorten his ribbon some but I still love seeing his name up there.

 Holden thought he should try out Rylan's bed for quality : )

 So here is where my most favorite project EVER comes in to play. So ever since I picked out the fabric for Rylan's bedding, I knew that I wanted to paint his walls grey and add white polka dots all over the room. So for awhile Jack and I have been looking everywhere in stores for the wall decals/stickers to go up. We could not find these in a store anywhere! Sure of course we found them online but I decided today that I really needed them. So after searching online again this morning for any store that might carry them, I found on my fav website right now Pinterest {By the way if you have not been on here yet.. beware! It is SUPER addicting and so much fun I can't even tell you!}where you could just apply some wonder under{thats how I make all my shirts just iron it on the back of fabric, cut out and iron it on a shirt then sew and oh la la you have a shirt} to the back of fabric and you could IRON IT TO THE WALL! Brilliant!! So of course I have a ton of it laying around so I decided to give it a try! So I ironed my wonder under to the back of some white fabric, traced some kitchen items like a lid to a pot, cut them out and peeled off the backing and ironed them up! SO much fun!! Here is the start

 I didn't have nearly enough and knew I wouldn't cause I have an order that takes up lots of wonder under but I love how it is starting to look! I CAN NOT wait to make some more to put up! And that spot over his changing table.. I 'm hoping to put a name sign up there that either I make or his Nana can make him{hint, hint, wink, wink} : )

This seriously was so much fun and I am so exciting about finishing! I am super tired tonight but I just HAD to get on and share this! 
Last weekend I also made a boppy cover and a bumper for his cradle so stayed tuned for those to come this week too! 

NINE more weeks until our new sweet boys due date! : ) Night all!

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