Some Ice and a phone

Saturday, November 5, 2011

So being pregnant, each time I have reached a point where I could eat ice all.the.time! And crushed ice.. oh my! This go round, I have a little shadow who has grown to love ice as much as his Mama. Every time he sees me crunchin down on some ice he comes running going ice, ice, ice until I give him some.
He only gets the small pieces or ones that will be easy for him to chew. But to him he thinks that he is getting gold.
And then there is the phone. Oh lord. My baby thinks that he must "talk" on the phone as much as he can. And I can't just hold it up for him to talk in the phone on speaker anymore he insists on holding it and walking around just like his Daddy does.

And hes off!
I may never get to have ice to myself or my phone again ever. But as long as I can share with someone that is this cute, I am just fine with that!

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