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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Holy Moly have we become busy lately! I have so many things and pics to post but tonight, that's just not going to happen. We spent the day moving all the "baby" furniture that was in Holden's room {changing table, rocking chair and dresser} to Rylan's room and setting Holden's room up with a new dresser and some toy to get them out of my living room. 
The past week I also had to re-take my blood glucose test at my doctors office because I failed the first one by 6 points.... they called yesterday and this one came back just fine. On top of that Jack and I are working full time and have picked up another "job" being the property managers of our townhomes we live in. Oh boy. Super easy job just trying to get a bunch of things caught up on and getting some renters in. 
Holden is doing wonderful and talking more and more each day. And seriously my baby will be TWO in less than FIVE weeks!!
We both are finally over our colds that lasted for what felt like forever..... which we may or may not have passed onto my Mom... sorry Mom!
Well that's it for now! I'm heading to bed but am going to try my hardest to post Halloween pics and some others that I have on my camera tomorrow and I'll link them up when I do! 
Night all!
Now I have to go save my child now who is chasing a light from a flashlight on the floor where my oh so dear husband is shining it. Oh boy....

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Mommy Octopus said...

AWww!! he's gotten so BIG!!!

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