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Thursday, February 24, 2011

One of the thing that I really want to do this year is make a duvet cover for our bed and some curtains as well. I hadn't really thought too much about what I really wanted to make but I knew I wanted it be fun and cheap if that was possible. One of my favorite things to do at nap time{while catching up on my recorded trashy tv} is browse blogs and esp craft and sewing blogs. One day earlier this week I ran across Kojo Designs and I think I found a new love. Holy cow. Their website is just AMAZING and I love it sooo much! They have super fun things that I can not wait to try and some that I already can make! AND one of my favorite things I found on their blog was this...
....isn't it just beautiful! And it is super easy to make! I am soo making this asap! But I am thinking of doing something with a little more color..... we shall see! : )

Another fun thing I found and am so going to make try to make is this adorable purse/weekend/I may use as a diaper bag and maybe with some other colors.
I LOVE this bag and the colors but it is more fall like and I am feeling like something more summery right now.

Ok now something for Mr. Holden. About a month or so ago I decided it was time to clean our our crazy closet and get rid of some things. Well yeah I'm still not completely done but we have sorted out what we don't want and I have a huge pile of clothes. When I saw these pants I just knew that I needed to make them for Holden and have a huge stack of shirts to use!
Aren't these just adorable and I can't even imagine how comfy they are! AND for all you YL-ers out there look closely at these... she found the shirts she used at a thrift store and one of the shirts she used was a YL summer staff shirt! How awesome is that???

Ok that's it for now I have a few little one calling my name but these things were just too awesome not to share!!



kirstin & jordan said...

Hey Emily! So glad you love the blog!
Also, I LOVE finding other Young Life people- my husband was a volunteer leader and did both work crew and summer staff (he got the saranac shirt in a tshirt trade- funny, right?). And my father-in-law worked at the corporate office in the Springs.
Actually, I'm headed to Frontier this weekend with my small group! :)
So fun to *meet* you over the internet... can't wait to see pictures of what you make. :)
-kirstin @ kojo

Emily said...

Hi Kristen! I adore YL and if it wasn't for YL I wouldn't have met my husband! I spent lots of time going to camp and doing work crew mostly at Windy Gap. I think I have a drawer full of YL shorts that I just can't part with but may want to use to make Holden some things!
Seriously, I can't believe I am telling you this, I spent HOURS on y'all site yesterday! I seriously found a new site that I just am in love with! The ideas yall have are just amazing! Thanks for stopping by and I will totally post pics of everything I make : )

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