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Monday, February 21, 2011

Hey yall! So today I just thought that I would write down a few things that I have been doing/thinking about a lot lately. You know cause I want to. HA!

My sweet boy is sooo  close to walking and could if he really wanted to. Yesterday he was sitting on the couch with Jack and wanted down. As soon as his feet hit the floor and he got his balance he took 4 steps! And then last night he was standing a lot and just thinking about doing it again. AND now he has decided to crawl on his hands and feet instead of his knees!

Holden got his first splinters{yes two} on Saturday. He was crawling around outside at my Mom's house all day on Saturday with no shoes on and got one tiny splinter in his toe and one on the top of his foot. Poor baby. We got them both out that night but he was not happy and I can't blame him.

One of Holden's favorite bath toys the music singing octopus decided to loose suction to the side of the bath tub in the middle of the night on Saturday night. Which sent Jack jumping way out of the bed thinking someone was kicking in the front door... until we heard the stinkin toy singing thru the baby monitor. And yes Holden slept thru the whole thing.

Fav tv shows right now are American Idol, Glee, Teen Mom 2 and Jersey Shore of course

I want to make a duvet cover for our bed and some curtains for our room..... sometime this year.

My kitchen has been turned into a make shift sewing room since it is more fun to sew with others around.

Stuff to sew/make right now: 4 Tutu's, 2 pillows, one onesie, one sleep sack{well I'm going to try}, one car seat taken apart to recover.. trying to decided to make more seams or not, duvet cover

I can not wait for our hopefully upcoming beach trip in the next few months! HOPEFULLY Jack's boss will give him the week off???

My job security is 37 days away from her due date : ) Can't wait to meet Miss Harper!

Last Friday night, Holden spent the night at Nana and Papa's house so we could go on a date. It turned out we triple-dated with our awesome neighbors and had sooo much fun! I miss our fires and can't wait to have another one soon!

I can not wait to see Lori, Robbie, Shejuan, Mandy and hopefully Lourdes on Saturday night!!

That's it.. well all I have for now : )



bluejeanhome.com said...

Where do you guys go to the beach? We're in the middle of planning our own trip. Enjoy your last few moments of a crawling baby.

Emily said...

Hey Vanessa! I think this year we are going to Cedar Key in FL. Usually we go to Alligator Point or St. George somewhere like that. We love going places that are quiet and not lots of people but we also love going to places like St. Simons and Hilton Head

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