Thursday, February 10, 2011

For two and a half weeks now this little guy has not been feeling well. It started with just a runny nose and has gone now to a cough and runny nose. Monday I took him to the doctor just to make sure his ears were clear and to make sure nothing had made its way to his chest. He was clear with the doctor saying it's just a bad cold and keep doing what I'm doing already {humidifier, vicks, bed propped up, making sure he drinks enough, tylenol and benadryl} Of course Cam has all the same junk since they share everything and yesterday I woke up with it too. 
Today I think is worse.
Stuffy ears, sore throat, tons of pressure in my head {Every time I get sick it gets in my head. Every time}
So today we are laying low. Cam has a fever so we are keeping a close eye on him. But hopefully by Monday all three of us will be back to our normal self!! 
I also need to update my year in pictures for the past two weeks. I'll try Monday. Until then I'm going to lay on the couch and watch a movie while the boys are napping.


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