Year in Pictures

Thursday, February 17, 2011

 {2-1-11 Poor baby does not feel good}
 {2-2-11 Dancing}
 {2-3-11 He was so tired he fell asleep on me and didn't wake up when I laid him down to change his diaper}
 {2-4-11 Eating dinner at Ruby Tuesday hanging out with Daddy}
 {2-5-11 Poor baby feels so bad he will only sleep on Daddy at nap time}
{2-6-11 Sweet boy}

 {2-7-11 Umm Holden I don't think that is a chew toy}
 {2-8-11 This pic cracks me up cause he was just talking away while getting in and out of the car}
 {2-9-11 Love this boy!!}
 {2-10-11 ONly pic I took the whole day except for one of Cam who did not feel well at all}
 {2-11-11 STILL not feeling better and was so tired. }
 {2-12-11 But Mommy, Fruit Loops are better when eaten off of the floor... they were everywhere}
 {2-13-11 Playing outside on a BEAUTIFUL day}
 {2-14-11 Happy Valentines Day! Mommy is my valentine this year and she made me this special onesie}
{2-15-11 So VERY close to walking but would rather crawl.. whatever lol}

Note to self go back and finish Jan pics!

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