Valentines wreath

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Many months back before my Mom and Step Dad moved into the house they are in now, they had MANY yard sales. They had sooo much stuff to sale and get rid of. We had lived in that house for 18 years so it had accumulated a ton of stuff. Well at one of these yard sales my Mom brought out this big red iron heart to sell. I loved it so I took it and put it straight in my car to take home. I could just see how adorable it would be with fabric tied all around it and to put up for Valentines Day. So last night I ask Jack about the heart and if he could find it in the garage. So he went out and came back in. Nada. He says he doesn't know at all where it is and I must have left it. Aka I think he didn't like it and I have know idea what he did with it. 
So since my red heart has gone "missing" I had been trying to think of something else I could do. I am super ready to take down my Christmas/Winter wreath on my door, but wanted to have something else to put up. Well what do ya know? I was reading some of my fav blogs earlier and ran across a project like this on Julie's blog. I love her wreath soo much! So I started looking around and found another one that I love HERE and it is made of cupcake liners! How fun is that?? So the real question is will I do the felt wreath or cupcake one? Right now I have no idea. I seriously love them both sooo much and might just do both to try them out. I also might try and make a onesie like this too!?! I'll let ya know how that goes!

On another note, thank you Kendra for pointing out that blogger has new fonts out!! I was so excited and changed mine as soon as I saw that. Also I knew that you would love this project too! : )


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Kendra said...

The wreaths are SO SO SO Cute! I LOVE them both! I am going to make one for sure...but I don't know which one to do either! Let me know which one you try!

Cute new fonts! :)

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