Pieced Jersey Pants

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Remember last week when I told you about how much I LOVED this website?? Well I do. I admit I can and have spent HOURS looking over some of their amazing ideas! Well I ran across these ADORABLE pieced jersey pants and knew right away I needed to make them for Holden! Well Friday the boys and I were at my house for the day and I knew that that would be the perfect time to try these out. So I gather a huge stack of old tees from our pile of things to get rid of and went to town cutting and piecing them together. And this is how they turned out...

Holden wanted to model his pants.. or maybe I wanted him too and this is the best that I could get! HA! I am deff making him another pair of these! They just look SOO comfy and they are so soft!
Now if only he would walk so that he could wear them more.. or maybe I'll just have to make him a bunch : )

Whatcha think??


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