I did it!!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Sooo..... I did it! I am opening a little "shop" and selling a few things! Thank you ll so much for all of the kind works over the past few weeks that pushed me in the right direction! I am Super excited to sell some things since they are so much fun to make! I have been working on lots of onsies with ruffle butts, tees, and high chair covers and I have met an awesome girl named Kendra from Key Lime Blog Design who is designing me a blog! I am so excited about all that is happening now!
For now I have a little facebook page up and going and here is the link right here:
If you haven't already stop on by there and check out what I have been making and click "Like" to follow along this awesome journey with me!
And I couldn't post a blog with out pictures of this sweet little boy!

This picture is so funny! He was sucking away on this bath toy like it was his paci!

Looking at Daddy

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