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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I am so excited to have Holden's hut up and running! I had my first giveaway last week and gave two sweet girls a onsie or a tee! This is so much fun! I am now trying to find new patterns for the fall and holidays and will soon be working on those! Holden I think might be getting teeth. We had a super rough day today but I am sure tomorrow will be better! So have you become a follower of Holden's Hut yet? We are on facebook and once we get 50 "likes" I am going to have a 50% off sale! How fun will that be??!?! I can't wait for that! And you can also follow us on Holden's Hut's blog {or just us on this blog : )} All you have to do is click follow on the right hand side and log in! It is super easy! So besides all that is going on with Holden's Hut, we haven't been too busy around here. I go back to work in little over a week and Mom and Billy are moving this weekend but we are laying kinda low enjoying our last few days off! Hope that you are all having a wonderful week!


Brian and Kendra said...

Where do you work?

The Bell Family said...

I am a nanny for a little boy. His Mom is a teacher so I have the summer off :)

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