Holden's Hut

Monday, July 12, 2010

I am so excited to FINALLY announce that Holden's Hut is open and ready for business!! I have been waiting for this day and it actually opened last Friday but I didn't get a chance to "announce" it on here until today! I am so excited about all that is to come! I have had so much fun sewing over the past month or so, so it only made sense to sew a few more things and try to sell some! I have to give the WHOLE blog design up to Kendra from Key Lime Blog Design! She was SOOO amazing to work with and made this whole process so much fun! And her work is so incredible! I just told her about where I came up with the name Holden's Hut and about Holden and she ran from there. She did more that I could have even imagined and I LOVE the design that she did SOOOO much! And do you see I have a new background?? That is because I am rocking one of her Freebie that she post to her site! You have to stop by and check out all of the awesome designs that she has! So go on by now and check out Kendra at Key Lime Blog Design! Then stop by and join us at Holden's Hut and follow along with us! And you can also follow us on Facebook by clicking on Like when you click HERE!!


Brian and Kendra said...

I had a lot of fun designing it! :) And this background is one of my all time favorites!

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