Happy 7 Month Birthday Holden!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Once again another month has gone by and my little guy is a month older! The past seven months have gone by SOOO fast and I have loved every single minute of them! Holden you are the funniest little guy around and are such the flirt! You love to "talk" or scream like you do with Nana. You love watching other kids play and I know it won't be long until you are right along with them! You LOVE dogs and cats! You can spot them anywhere we are and poor, poor Hoochie{our cat name after then Chatthoochee River} you love her so much and love to pull her hair and show her how much you love her. She is such a good cat and just lets you!

Here are your birthday pictures from the last 6 months
Your favorite new thing is to not only not smile when the camera comes out but close your eyes. I can't tell you how many pictures I have to take because half of them end up like this!

You are wearing size 6-9 month clothes.. still in some 0-3 month shorts... but I am starting to say that they are getting a little small. Well some of them.. You are still in size 2 diapers during the day but at night we put you in size 3 just to help prevent any leaks.
You eat baby food or as I call it "real" food three times a day and kinda have a 4-5 oz bottle in between and at night. Sometimes. You still are funny about a bottle and don't always want it.
Just this week you started really sitting up for a long time! You can sit up and play for a long time on the floor now and hardly ever fall over! And you have now discovered that you can rock on your hands and knees so I see crawling coming soon. But you still would rather stand!
You LOVE your Daddy! Every day when he comes home from work you can here his keys go in the front door and you just stare down the hall and wait to see him! Yesterday you actually put your hands straight up in the air when you saw him and would not put them down until he picked you up!
You slept thru the night for three nights in a row this week! YAAAHHHOOOOOO! Then last night you had on he wrong size diaper and had a little accident at 2 am. But maybe the sleeping thru the night will continue??? My fingers are crossed!

You love water! The bath is your favorite and the pool but anywhere you find water you want to play in it.
You are now starting to learn to play by yourself! It's kinda nice sometimes to be able to do the dishes and you can play{since we can't leave you for a second in the swing by yourself anymore HA}

You still love to jump in your jumper and are still a huge droll bug. But I still haven't seen any sign of any teeth to come so we will see!
These are your new favorite food! You love Gerber puffs and could eat them all the time!
You are still a blue eyed boy and are getting lots of hair!
You love to be held!

You make the funniest face were you lift your eyebrows up and like grit your teeth you don't have like you are getting so excited. It is the funniest thing and i need to try to get a better picture of it!
As you can see from this picture you LOVE blankets and you paci still! Really any blanket will do but you do have your favorites!
Your guitar onesie this month Mommy made for you and I love it!

Holden I love you more than I could ever tell you! You are our world and the best gift that God could have ever given us! We love you sweet baby boy!

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