Fourth of July one week late!

Monday, July 12, 2010

So I know I have been major slacking in updating! I have been super busy sewing, setting up shop and playing with this little man!
We had such an awesome Fourth of July! On the 3rd, we met some neighbors at a park down the road to hang out and watch their fireworks show. I was a little worried about Holden staying awake until they started and how he would like them but he stayed awake the WHOLE time just watching everyone! And he loved the fireworks! I wish I had gotten some pictures from that night.
On the 4th, we had some friends come over to our house and we had a block party with some of our neighbors. We had so much fun and had SOOOO many fireworks that the boys all shot off for us! {We have some abandoned apartment buildings across the street from us so we set them off over there.}

I love how Holden's shirt turned out! He actually didn't get to wear it very long on the fourth after his diaper leaked during his morning nap so these were from the next day.

While we and our friends over, we let the kids play in the little pool we have and Holden loved it! He loved watching the girls that live behind us play in there pool too! He is such a big flirt.....

...... And a ladies man already!
That's right girls ya'll can all join me in my pool. There is plenty of room for... uhh.. your feet! HA

Jacob and Ashton LOVED playing together and ran and ran and ran!
This was our yummy cake I made with cool whip, strawberries, and blueberries!

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