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Monday, February 15, 2010

Today we are hanging out at home. I had the day off and Jack had jury duty so we are all home today. We are also waiting on our new washer and dryer to be delivered since our washer went out on us last weekend. I actually can't wait to do laundry! But I just wanted to add some pictures of over the past few days!

This was from this morning. Look at his blue eyes! Jack and I both have brown
I told him to smile and wave for everyone down in south FL! We love yall!

Talking to Daddy last night

He was way too busy watching TV on our bed then to look at me. ha! His cute bib Aunt Jamie let us barrow for him!

We had 3-4 inches of SNOW here on Friday night! This was from Saturday at our friends Mandy and Bill's backyard
Daddy and Holden
I LOVE this one I took the other day! I think I am going to make it black and white and hang it on a blank wall I have in our kitchen!
Here is Holden sleeping on the blanket that sweet Evelyn sent for him! He LOVES it and holding on to it!

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