Holden's 2 Month check up

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Last Friday I took Holden in for his two month check up. When we got there we barely made it in the front of the office and Holden lost it. He was so tired and was not happy. But I just kept telling him that we were going to get to see our wonderful friend and neighbor, who is a nurse in the office I take him to, Katie. She met us at the front sign in and back to the room we went. First he was weighed and measured. Holden is now a whopping 12 lbs and in the 50% and 24 inches and in the 77%. Our sweet boy is getting so big! After that we had to wait awhile for the doctor to come in so he fell asleep laying on me. Then the doctor came in check him out said he looked great then back in came Katie... for his shots. He was in a better mood because he had had a short little nap.. then Katie gave him his shots : ( Poor boy was not happy at all. But after getting one in each leg I picked him up as fast as I could and he was better. We went home and I fed him and he slept for like 4 hours! That night he was a little fussy like his legs still hurt but that was it and the next day he was just fine! He did get two, yes two, two month birthday presents that I will put up pictures of later! And of his room, finally done!

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