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Monday, February 8, 2010

Guess who's EEG came back normal?!? I finally remembered to call the doctor this morning and the nurse called me back within minutes to let me know that Holden's EEG came back completely normal! YAAA HOOO!! Like we didn't already know he was ok! ha! So the plan was to wean him off of the phenobarbital if it came back normal BUT the lady he is seeing at the neurologist office is out of town but the nurse made a note to ask her about it and she is supposed to call me when she gets back. So it looks like we might still be on it for a few more weeks but I can deal with that! Thank you for all of the thought and prayers as we have been going through all of this for the past 7 and a half weeks! Now here are some cute ones of our normal, healthy baby boy!

After bath time
His diaper says "Poop is a gift from God" At one of my baby showers they had people write messages on diapers for me and I was using them at night until they started rubbing off on his clothes.

Last Saturday morning

This morning my Grandparents stopped by to visit for a little bit and Holden was up the whole time but not long after they left he was out.
He LOVES his blankets
Yes my child is watching TV! ha!
I think he liked watching Ice Age

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