Holden's finished room and new toy

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

For the past few weeks or so, Babies R Us was having this event called The Great Trade in Event. When this is going on you can take in any old item like car seat, stroller, pack and play or highchair anything baby gear wise and trade it in to get 25% off of something new. I had heard of it before and a few weeks ago when we spent the night at Mom and Billy's we went to use a pack and play that someone had given Mom and one of the sides was broken. So last weekend I took the broken pack and play to BRU and got Holden this exersaucer. He still isn't quite sure what to think of it and is still way to small for it but he loves looking at blinking lights or any lights for that matter. This one has a ton so I knew it would be perfect for him. Here are a few pictures of him trying it out!

This past weekend we also finished his room! We finally hung things on the wall and put his books up on the shelf.

His changing table

A BEAUTIFUL rocking chair that my Dad and Trena had made for us and gave it to us for Christmas

His bookshelf
The Curious George on the shelf was my Mom's when she was little and the quilts on the bottom shelf are ones that my Grandma and Aunt Susan made for Holden

Last weekend we also helped my sister Megan move into an apartment with her friend Elizabeth (We were very busy last weekend) Well anyways they got their things moved in and Elizabeth didn't have room for this cute little dresser in her room and said that Holden could have it. THANK YOU so much Elizabeth! It goes perfect in his room : )

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