Holden's Best Friend

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Meet Holden's best friend Campbell. He is the little boy I watch and on Tuesday, I came back to work. He is soo sweet and such a happy boy, a little jealous at times (like when he's tired) but what else do you expect out of an almost 11 month old? He is so stinkin cute and loves Holden. I can tell already that they are going to be best friends. Here are so super cute pictures I took of the two of them on Tuesday and Wednesday!

Campbell checkin out Holden

Cam is already sharing his toys with him

I left for 8 weeks and when I came back Cam is pulling up on everything! Such a big boy!

Sweet picture of my sweet boy sleeping on the couch

I love his face in this picture! He LOVES the lights in the take-along swing

I know he's crying but it's just so cute

This is how most of our picture taking time went
Campbell is SOOO cute! Here is his mom Andie's blog (click on her name)

Cam teaching Holden how to do the "Fist Pump". Someone has been watching too much Jersey Shore Ha! They look so guilty and I know they are best friends already!

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