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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I know his Daddy is not going to be happy but I think that we have a Georgia fan on our hands! ha! Yesterday Holden and I had to go to Jared's to pick up Jack's ring he was having sized and we stopped by Mom and Billy's house to hang out with Holden's Pop Pop (Jack's dad Big Jack) while he did a little painting and wait for everyone to get home. And here are some cute pictures that we took after Nana got home. I have some more super cute ones on her computer but we couldn't get the internet to work.

My Mom's dog Chatt is OBSESSED with babies! He always has been. He is sooo old and we never know how much longer he is going to live but every time I walk in the door now he fallows Holden around everywhere he goes. I think this is just so cute cause Chatt loves him so much!
So on Monday some of yall know that I had to go to jury duty. I was not looking forward to this at all and did not want to have to leave Holden.My Mom took off the day and I knew he would be just fine I just didn't want to have to leave him for what could be all week. So Mom got here and was super excited to stay and play with Holden all day while I was gone and I went the half a mile, it really is probably less than that, to the courthouse. I couldn't even get in the parking lot at the courthouse because sooo many people were reporting for jury duty. So I finally made my way in signed in and stood in the hall waiting. A few min later a lady came out and said she had two chairs open in a room that someone could go sit in so the girl next to me and I went into this room with at least 60-70 other people to sit. An hour and a half goes by and nothing is happening and we have all been sitting for an hour and a half in this tiny little room. I was talking to this sweet girl I met in the hall who came in and sat next to me just about Holden and how I didn't want to leave him and he little boy and just about our birth stories and our boys. So finally after an hour and a half they come in and say they are releasing everyone in the hall to go and they will have to call back tomorrow. Great.... I'm so glad I took this chair.... I could be leaving now and going home to my baby. Then she come in our room and says she is going to let people go and that the top 20 numbers that are still left are going to have to stay. I'm number 5... wonderful.. I am here for good. The next thing I know this sweet lady who had to be in her mid to late 70'5 and had been sitting behind me in this tiny room and could hear me talking about Holden. You could tell just had surgery or something done to her foot, is in an air cast, and has a walker and can't barely move at all went up to the lady calling out numbers to stay and asked if someone could switch numbers. The lady just kind of looked at her when she went on to tell her about how I just had a baby and she wanted to switch places with me so I could go. This is where I began to fight with her telling her I would not let her change places with me and she needed to go home and get her foot better. She told me no she had had 4 babies and told me to go home and take care of mine! I was in shock and wanted to cry! The lady calling the numbers told her she could take my place if she wanted and since I was a new Mom I was released for jury duty all together!
This sweet lady came and took my place so I could come home and sit in my PJ's all day with my sweet boy. I am still in shock of how amazing she was. It just makes me so thankful that God is in my life. He did the same thing. He sent his Son Jesus to die on the cross for us so that we could live our lives. It just amazes me how someone could do something like this for others. This sweet old lady did not have to give up her free pass to leave but she did for me. So this week try to pass this kind of love on to a stranger or someone who you know needs a break. And do something just because it makes someone live easier even if it gives you more work and share the love!

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Two Dozen and Change said...

Such a sweet story! I love the parallel with what Jesus did for true! Love you girl! (And you know I love your little Georgia fan!)

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