Just a few cute ones off of Mom's computer..

Saturday, February 6, 2010

We are hanging out again at my Mom and Billy's house today while Jack helps out painting and I found some really cute pics on their computer that I thought I would share!

This one is from the other day. I think he was watching Pop Pop paint.
Again from the other day. Nice face Holden! ha!

His first time on the rocking horse that Nana got him
And of course Chatt has to be right next to him

One from his days in the NICU

This one is from about two weeks ago..... once again Chatt is obsessed with babies...
and yes his tongue is sticking out probably trying to lick him
This is how he fell asleep waiting on Nana the other day... One blanket by his face, Pop Pop's shirt that he pulled down on the other side and his favorite blanket under his hands
This is Holden's Great- Grandma Hansen(My Grandma) on New Years Day

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