Rub a Dub Dub

Thursday, September 1, 2011

 Rub-A-Dub-Dub Holden's in the tub! This little guy of mine LOVES his bath time! A few weeks ago I tried bribing, yes I said bribing, him to sit in eat lunch one day with the promise to go to the store when we left and buy him a replica of his hero Buzz or Woody{from his obsession Toy Story} depending on what we could find. We started our search at Target and found nothing. Not one little doll or toy or anything.
So we headed to Babies R Us. Surly they have something there right. Nope. Not one single thing either. BUT what we did find {since I was on a mission to find him something Toy Story-ish was some bubble bath with all the characters on the front.
 You would have thought that I had given him gold. Sure enough that night he was asking for bo-ble in his bath. So like any good mom of a toddler I gave in and filled his bath with tons of bubbles.
 He LOVED every minute of his bubble bath and we have had MANY more since. Oh and just so you know about 3 days later Target filled their dollar section with all kinds of Buzz and Woody items. Seriously??
 Holden I don't think you are supposed to eat the bubbles.
 I do plan on making a trip to Target dollar rack in the very near future to stock up on every Buzz and Woody item I can find. We have a SUPER long drive {like 11+ hours} coming up very shortly and I want to have something to hand back every now and then when he starts to get car seat crazy.

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