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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I think I may need to change the title of this post to Obsessed... Holden has been completely obsessed with you tube lately. Well not so much the actual site but "choo-choos" {trains} Holy moly. I have learned that if I even turn my back for a second he will climb in the computer chair demanding choo choo to come up and if he can't find it himself {which he can't}he just proceeds to click the mouse one hundred and fifty times in hopes someone will come along and find a choo choo for him. I don't even dare link his favorite video here. If I did you all would be singing Choo Choo train, Fruit Fruit until you were going crazy.
To go along with his obsession, of course he has a bunch of little trains and tracks. Some of which we have bought but mostly given to us. We are super lucky to have some amazing neighbors whos kids are starting to outgrow some of their train things and they pass some things on to Holden.
And of course their is Holden's favorite person in the whole world {besides of course me, Dada, Papa and Nana- those are deff his favs} but I think he would move in with our neighbors Kri-ka and Nandy{Krista and Andy} if I would let him. It MAY be partly because every time he sees them they pull up a choo choo on their phones on You Tube for Holden to watch. Plus they have three boys that Holden LOVES to chase around and play with. We actually walked out the door this morning and he ran to their door. Oh this child.

He is just growing up so fast and I know before I know it I will be planning his SECOND birthday.... oh my I'm not ready for that yet

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