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Friday, September 16, 2011

 Some of you may already know that I have been to the doctor many time over the past week. {Like 4.. it was starting to get a little crazy} And this post is going to be super long but I know I have had MANY people ask me about all these doctors appt so here it is!
It all started last Wednesday, Sept. 7th for my normal 19/20 week checkup and ultrasound where they do all the baby measurements and you get to see the gender... again just in case : ) And yes, he is still a boy! Well it all started by Jack meeting me there for this appt so not only could he be there for the appt and ultrasound and see our sweet boy but also to keep Holden entertained. I usually never bring him with me to doctors appts but I knew Jack was coming this time and he could watch him. To make a crazy long story short-ish I was in the office for over TWO hours which is waaayyyy too long for not only me to wait but to have Holden wait and Jack miss work for. It was just a lot of confusion on the girl who I saws side and she deff did not DOES NOT have her things together.
 So while at the office for 2 hours I have my ultrasound done and sweet baby boy #2 is measuring just perfectly and is doing great. And then when in a room with this lady later I am telling her about all the contractions that I have been having. Pretty much she tells me I am going to keep having them during this pregnancy and doesn't seem to care too much. She then goes onto say I only need to call the doc if more than 5 or 6 for more than an hour or two. Check out a few more things and is gone. Listen to sweet boys heartbeat? Nope. {Good thing I just had in my ultrasound.} So off we go two hours after getting to the office.

I get home and two or three hours later someone from the docs office calls. Umm we need you to come back in on Friday to re-check my blood pressure. Um what are you talking about I was just there for over TWO hours and no one said a word about my blood pressure. Anyways make an appt Friday, go in and waited for over an hour for this same lady to come in the room and listen to baby boys heartbeat{insert here where I am pretty sure she left bruises on my after not being able to find baby's heartbeat on the left side. I even told her he was laying on the right and could feel him and she went on her way pushing as hard as she could. And yes I told her it hurt!} and that's it. The nurse had taken my BP earlier when I had first got there and that was it. Not lets check it once then again when I have been in a room for a few mins and see what it is but once. So since I had just gotten there and was running to get there on time and then wait for over an hour for that I am sure it was high again. I was NOT happy to say the least! She then instructs me to come back on Monday for blood work and wants me to do a 24 hour urine collection{I know way too much TMI!} because I must always have high BP{Note I had been to other appts with other docs 3 times since being prego and not once was it high}

So home I go. I go back on Monday and was in and out in less than 20 min since I just had to have my blood drawn. There they tell me to make an appt for Thursday{yesterday} to come in and get results. This time I let them know that I DO NOT want to see the lady from last week and anyone else is just fine just not her. So I went in yesterday and saw the another lady I had seen before and really like and had a MUCH better experience. I was in and out in 30 min and she came in listened to his heartbeat while barely placing the doppler on my belly and went over all test results and even answered a few questions I had about delivery and the hospital. It turns out ALL of my tests came back completely normal and my BP yesterday was 138/80 so much better. So for now, no high BP which I knew already and back to monthly visits.

With no chance of me EVER wanting to see that other lady again!!

So there you have it! Way too much info but its all here! : )

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