Thursday, May 27, 2010

I have a confession. I am addicted to blogs/blogging/reading blogs/{still trying to} make my own blog design. I love them. I love seeing what other people in other parts of the country are going thru each day. I do a lot of my blogging while at work when the boys are napping and I love this time. The house is quiet and their isn't Sesame Street or Blue's Clues on the TV. I love this quiet time I have. And since I am not often around other adults during the day, I feel like reading the blogs of other Mom's kinda keeps me connected to some adult interaction.

I spend all day during the week chasing a {now} walking 14 month old and the sweetest 5 month old that I could ever have asked for! I am obsessed with these boys and they are my life. But every now and then the diapers and someone always wanting something gets a little rough and it's nice just to turn off all the sound around and sit down and hang out reading your favorite blogs.

For me, I started blogging to keep up with all of our many family members that live so far away from Kansas to Florida. I love filling them in on what we do from day to day. I also starting blogging to be able to have a scrapbook for us. I love scrapbooking! I love all the cute papers and cute designs and I LOVE designing things like that but really, by the time I get home I would rather spend time with my awesome husband and rock star baby! They are my whole world and Jack and I love just spending time with our sweet little boy and enjoying every minute with him! He is changing SO much every day and is so much fun!

So my big blog project lately has been to come up with and create my own blog background. It is soooo much fun going thru and seeing all the cool things that you can do if you just give it a little time and effort! So I started this process oh about a month ago and work on it a few times a week..... if I have time. I have met and awesome girl named Kendra who started making her own blogs and has her own website now where she will make them for you and she has been a big help! On a little side note she was also married the same year and Jack and I AND she has the cutest little 5 month old also!

So my process has been long and still not there. And they tell you to make a sample blog so that you don't actually mess up anything big on your blog while trying out new things. So I have been using my made up sample blog to try out my new stuff! I made the background and now I am working on why it doesn't fit to size and soon the new header!

But the boys are both awake now so time to start more playing, feeding and diaper changing : )


Brian and Kendra said...

I feel the same way about blogging! I am home, not talking to adults most days so blogging is perfect! :) Let me know if you need any more help/tips!

Mommy Octopus said...

If you want an awesome free blog layout, I'm giving one away on my blog :-)

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