Oh Chick-Fil-A you've done it again!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Last night Jack, Holden and I went to Chick-Fil-A to try the new spicy chicken sandwich and can I say it was awesome! I reserved two for us a few weeks ago for last night and I know that Jack wouldn't eat it but I got it so I could have it for lunch the next day. So I can't wait to eat it for lunch! Ha!
While we were there Holden started getting fussy since he was ready for a nap and if he can see us he thinks he needs to be held. And for the most part whenever we go in a restaurant we get him out of his car seat and pass him back and forth. I need to get him one of those things that goes over the high chair so he can have his own seat. But anyways, he was getting tired so we tried to give him a french fry. Jack was worried about him chocking but I didn't even think he would put it in his mouth. And he didn't. But Jack gave him another one to try and I'm not sure how crazy he was about it. If he didn't look just like his Daddy I wouldn't be sure he is really my child because I love french fries! HA!

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Two Dozen and Change said...

Good golly Miss Molly--I have had 2 of those incredible spicy chicken sandwiches this week! Woooo! CFA is the bombdiggity!

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