Summer time is {almost} here!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Yesterday we took Holden swimming for the first time! He LOVED it and played in the water for over a hour! I was so surprised since the water was a little cold and he has just starting bathes. I really thought that he would freak out as soon as he got in but he just sat in his crab kicking his legs like crazy! Future Michael Phelps??? Maybe! HA!! I am so glad that was like it so much cause Jack and I love the pool and the beach! Here are some pictures from our big day!

He loved his crab float
He just sat there watching everyone

This is the life!

Checkin out his float

I think Daddy thought him how to splash me!

After playing he crashed in his stroller just in time for us to eat a yummy dinner!
Even with his little butt in he air!


Brian and Kendra said...

How cute! I can't wait to take sophie swimming but um it might be awhile. It snowed this morning where I live :(

The Bell Family said...

Aww! No fun! It was 90 here the past weekend so the water felt great!

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