Why is he so happy??

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Why is our little man so happy???
Because Wednesday night was HIS LAST TIME TAKING HIS MEDICINE!!!!
We are so happy that he is FINALLY able to come off of the phenobarbital after only three months! When they put him on it in the hospital they said it may be a year before he was off of it! Way to go my sweet boy showing them that you are just fine! He he is after I told him no more medicine....

Ok maybe he is just trying soooo hard to sit up so I sat him in the middle of his boppy to play.
He is such a happy baby!
The only picture I have ever taken of him right after a bath. He HATES having one so we always just try to get him in and out and his clothes on as fast as we can.
This picture is so funny to me because my step-dad Billy is saying he always has on stripes. I always just kinda laughed when he said it but now I think I believe him! HAHA!!
Sweet Boy

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