Happy 3 Month Birthday Holden!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My sweet little Holden is THREE, yes THREE months old today! I can't believe it! He is growing up so fast and is just so much fun! Here are some pictures from him today!

Smiling at Daddy

He was way too busy checking out the blanket Nana made him to match his bed than to look at me! ha!

My attempt to paint his hand bombed
Sweet Boy

So here is a little of what Holden has been up to:

  • He is still wearing Size 1 diapers
  • He is now in 3-6 months sleepers and anything that is 1 piece. Onsies and some pants he still wears 0-3.... He is just long and skinny : )
  • Eats about 3-4oz every three hours during the day
  • Usually goes to sleep around 9/9:30 every night and wakes up around 4ish to eat BUT in the past two weeks he has slept thru the night about 5 times!!
  • I still and breastfeeding and giving him formula. I have always had a problem with milk production and don't make much so I have always given him a bottle after I feed him. But he doesn't mind either
  • I think in the past week his vision has gotten a lot better! He loves to look around at things

  • He loves talking and smiling at anyone who will talk to him

  • His eyes are still blue.... I'm beginning to think we may have a blue eyed boy but we will see
  • Still sleeps in our room in his cradle but is still good about sleeping wherever!

  • Not as crazy about his car seat. We are in the car for about 2 hours every day so I can't really blame him. He is ok if he is tired and full but if he is hungry or too tired he isn't too happy. But he has been staying awake a lot more in the car and sometimes just sits in the back "talking" away!
  • Still HATES baths. He screams every time he gets in.

  • He has one more week from tomorrow that he has to take him medicine and then will be done!!! YIPPPEEEE!!! We can't wait to see what he is like off of them!

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Two Dozen and Change said...

Emily, he is just an absolute DOLL! I can't believe he is 3 months old already! Love you guys!

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