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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The past week has been very busy in our house! Holden and I were both sick all last week and I was trying to help plan my Mom's surprise party for last Friday night.We are both doing better now so here are a few pictures of what we have been up to!

Holden's new favorite thing is blowing bubbles! ha!

All dressed up for Nana's surprise party

Smiling at Pop Pop and Meema at the party

Holden and Nana

Mommy and Holden
Saturday before cousin Julie's baby shower for Baby Logan
Sleeping at church Sunday. He got his first kiss from a girl, that he wasn't related to of course, from Shea. Shea was Michael's girlfriend and she was also in the accident. But she is doing much better now and has a sweet boyfriend named Jason.

Sleeping on Daddy is the best!
I LOVE this one! Holden is so lucky to have TWO Great-Grandmothers (Great-Grandma Bell and Great-Grandma Hansen) and he has three Grandmothers (Nana, Meema and Grandma Trena(not sure what he is calling her yet)) He is also lucky to have THREE Great-Grandfathers (Great-Grandpa Bell, Great-Grandpa Hadley and Great-Grandpa Hansen) and three Grandfathers (Pop Pop, Papa and Grandpa Steve(not sure his name yet either))

Smiling in his car seat yesterday morning. He is such a blanket baby and always has two in his car seat. ha!

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