Friday, March 5, 2010

First of all I am going to say I'm sorry to Chandra because I'm sure you won't like this picture of you! ha (This one is a few years old)... This is some of our best friends John and Chandra and two of their kids Rachel and Sean. I have been friends with Chandra for over 9 years and we have been through SOOOO much together and we are always there for each other! Her husband John is currently in the US Army. He just joined not long ago and is just finishing up his basic training. This week he found out that he is going to be stationed in Germany. And the rest of the family can't go. ALSO if he does end up going to Germany he is guaranteed deployment to Afghanistan within the next six months! Right now Chan and her three kids PLUS her sister's daughter, who is also in the Army, are living in North Carolina. She has a full time job and her Mom, who just moved out from Cali a few months ago with Chan's grandmother,has been having trouble with High blood pressure and has been in the hospital this week. So she is having to help take care of her Grandmother and making sure her Mom is ok. She has a lot on her plate right now and I know she could use lots of prayers! We are hoping and praying that John can switch orders with someone who was stationed in the US so he can at least stay over here for a little longer! Thank you all for all your prayers!

From left to right Skyana, her sisters daughter, Sean, Rachel and Allie
John and Chandra

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